Using analytics we can improve our site and create a site of higher quality. No analytical data or information is ever submitted and/or shared with any third party ever. We only process them anonymously.
  1. What are cookies?
Cookies are small tekst files, used by most websites and portals and are saved to the site visitor’s device. Saving of these files are in full control of all site visitors, as they have the full control to limit and disable cookies in their web browser settings. We also offer this on our site with the usage of below link.
  1. Why do we need them?
Use of cookies is essential to ensure a smooth website experience. With no cookies, most essential website features would not be possible and/or available. The interaction between the site visitor and webpage is faster, simpler and of much higher quality with usage of cookies. Using cookies the website remembers visitor’s preferences and experiences therefor saving time, making browsing experience fast, smooth and seamless.
Cookies are used by most sites, as they also allow a convenient and effection solution to keep content fresh and in line with the user’s preferences. Based on statistics, which are also followed by cookies site admins can determine the efficiency of the site.

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